Together, let’s
make a difference.

integrity, honesty, commitment

Leadership with a New

Carol is a proven leader who communicates with the people and gives them a voice, while utilizing her experience to make effective decisions. Carol believes in truth, fairness and respect – qualities that make her the best choice for Bonner County Commissioner.

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Giving the people a voice is the primary goal of Carol Kunzeman, a candidate who listens, makes effective decisions, and aims to improve the reputation of Bonner County. Donate today for a candidate who values truth, fairness and respect.

Together, Let’s
Make A Change.

Time for a Change

There is more to the position of County Commissioner than just making decisions for the County and the administration. There are many people that are affected by these decisions that might not have had a voice in the past… I vow to change that. I will be here to talk to, listen to and make decisions for the citizens, staff, and employees of Bonner County.

My goal as County Commissioner is to Give a Voice to the People and Put some Humanity Back into the Administration. Help support change and leadership with a new perspective. Vote for Carol Kunzeman for County Commissioner.

Why am I running?

I’m running to bring balanced growth with good jobs that will enable a quality of life so that our children will be able to stay and work and raise their families here in Bonner County. This means listening and working with others to develop common-sense solutions to local concerns. I do not believe in wasting our Bonner County taxpayer’s time on ideological issues that are in actuality the responsibility of our state and federal government.

Issues of Priority

to be accomplished

Listening to our Community
Increase morale of the staff & employees
Making a good name for Bonner County
Administrative Responsibility, Accountability & Communication

Our county is for all our people, not just the powerful and well-connected.

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Let’s make sure honesty, integrity and commitment are high priorities with our county government. Help elect Carol Kunzeman for Bonner County Commissioner!

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